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About PJM Chicago

Firm Profile

Peterson, Johnson & Murray – Chicago LLC specializes in civil litigation, representing plaintiffs and defendants in commercial, product liability, personal injury, employment, civil rights and injunctive lawsuits. Our firm also has an insurance regulatory practice and has represented both insurance companies, individuals, and state regulators in a variety of regulatory matters. Additionally, our attorneys act as general counsel for several municipalities for all of their respective legal needs from labor negotiations to real estate transactions. Our lawyers have a broad range of experience in the representation of professionals, public entities, and private corporations in both litigation and transactional matters.

Peterson, Johnson & Murray – Chicago LLC, was formed in 2012 with the mission to provide excellent legal advice in complex matters, with an eye towards efficient resolution of the matters.

Technical Support

Assisting the attorneys of Peterson, Johnson & Murray –Chicago LLC in our service to clients is a support staff team that includes paralegals, law clerks and investigators. The firm’s technical staff are in integral part of the team and assist the attorneys, so that they can effectively and efficiently provide legal services to our clients.


Located in Chicago, Illinois, this law firm is located in one of the most rapidly diversifying cities in the country. Peterson, Johnson & Murray- Chicago LLC has provided legal services to private sector corporations and governmental entities throughout Illinois. Our firm is committed to providing high quality professional services with a diverse work force.

Women and Minority Attorneys

Peterson, Johnson & Murray-Chicago LLC is an equal opportunity employer providing a wide variety of career opportunities for attorneys and legal service professionals.

Continued Emphasis on Diversity

Peterson, Johnson & Murray-Chicago LLC places a high premium on diversity and will continue to promote diversity within its organization. We are firmly committed to better client service by attracting, retaining and promoting individuals of exceptional ability and talent from all genders and from a broad range of backgrounds.